Qiana Nichol* was born and raised in Atlanta, but has a secret love affair & family ties to New York City. She has participated in several promotional events, hair shows and fashion shows in New York, Georgia and California as a model and has written for publications in the same territories. Her relationship with modeling began with pageants and transitioned to fashion shows. “I’m all legs, so on the runway I’m like a giraffe in its natural habitat.” It seems Gillette agreed as QN was a legs model during the Mariah Carey Adventures of Mimi Tour. She has interviewed a number of subjects including Project Runway’s Korto Momolu, Celebrity Stylist Ty-ron Mayes, Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kandi Burress and even comedian Dave Chappelle. In addition, she is a regular figure model for several art galleries and artist groups in metropolitan Atlanta.

She added “actress” to her resume after landing her first audition as “Rebecca” in the SCAD short, “Dating Service.” Since, she has been lead actress on five Dvid Productions (iWitness, Vampire Rap, The Divorce, Clan of the Cave Bear & Soundsci “Change”) and supporting actress on one film (The Jack Squad) and one web series (Fighting Angels).

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism, is the Atlanta Fashion Correspondent for UZURI Magazine and former fashion editor of KONTROL Magazine. In 2016, she hopes to continue to strengthen her voice acting muscles and expand her territory into the voice over world. She plans to launch an online boutique in 2017. The boutique will be a spinoff & collaboration of her blog (iSpy via whoisqiananichol.com) & her successful eBAY store (operated via supramodelo@yahoo.com).

“The fashion industry doesn’t always celebrate individuality the way acting does,” says QN who found her own individual niche posing for art classes.“There are so many sides to me, conventional modeling can be mentally draining because every other part of you is trapped inside because the focus is outward.”QN values her physical attributes and her intellectual abilities, equally.

“I am always in touch with the writer inside of me,” says the Clark Atlanta University grad. She takes every opportunity to provide commentary on fashion, sports and politics.  “Just because I know what the wild-cat formation is, doesn’t mean I can’t also appreciate a Nicholas Kirkwood stiletto.”